HGH: The Different Side Effects Of HGH To Children

Feb 15th, 2011

It is definite that people, no matter what their ages are, would need a certain support for their health. Obviously, this is to ensure that they would get enough sustenance in order to live longer and be away from certain conditions or diseases.

You have to keep in mind that if you have children, you also need to monitor their health conditions. Do you know why? It is because of the fact that what lifestyle your children are living today would be a very large factor on how they would live in the future.

If you want to ensure that your children would grow healthily, you have to support them with enough nutrients as well as vitamins in order for their systems to function effectively. You could not just depend on what your children eat.

As much as possible, if you could enhance the internal functions of their systems, it would be better. For instance, you could focus on the hormone productions of your children.

Relatively, if you want a target hormone to ensure your children’s overall health, you could focus on enhancing the amount of HGH present in your children.

However, before you do so, you should take note of the following side effects of HGH to your children:

  • Hormones

The endocrine system of your children would definitely be affected. This would be an alarming fact since the endocrine system is responsible for all the hormones in the body. In that case, there would be an extension of side effects to your children.

Specifically, the HGH could cause your children to experience hypoglycemia. This condition is actually characterized by a low level of sugar, which could be considered abnormal.

This would result in symptoms, such as confusion and dizziness. In worst cases, children could experience coma or even death.

  • Abnormal Changes

Aside from the above changes the children could undergo, they could also experience various alterations in their normal functions. Relatively, their visions could change, they could experience bloating, infection, as well as nausea.

On some cases, some even experience the pain in their muscles and joints. Furthermore, some encounter breast enlargements. These cases are actually considered to be abnormal growth as compared to the normal transition in children’s development.

  • Nervous System

headache-300x295The nervous system, particularly, the central nervous system, would be affected. The effects are actually characterized by seizures, fatigue, and even headaches.

If teenagers have growth hormone deficiency due to tumor, they could take on the risk of developing a second tumor. The tumor being referred here is what you call the meningoma. In addition to this, weakness could be considered a symptom as well.

The above side effects of HGH to children should be noted carefully. This is due to the fact that at times, people just disregard the side effects and focus on the benefits of HGH, which is a big mistake.

At times, excess HGH would cause abnormalities, which in worst cases, could permanently impart abnormality to a person.

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