Rosacea And Its Effects On People

Dec 12th, 2011

Rosacea affects many people all over the planet. As a skin condition, it is not really serious because it poses no fatal danger to the person affected by it. However, this does not mean that Rosacea has no negative effects at all.

Actually, Rosacea has a lot of negative effects that sometimes make a person adopt a different lifestyle or a negative change in attitude.

For people who are not affected by it, they think that Rosacea is just a mild condition and that some affected people like to complain too much over nothing. Little do they know just how much of a profound effect having Rosacea has on a person’s way of life.

For those who want to know, Rosacea has these following effects.

The red welts can be very obvious and painful

red-welts-300x177Most people who have no idea what Rosacea is all about would often think that the welts that Rosacea sufferers get are nothing but discolored skin. What they fail to realize is that this discoloration can be quite obvious to the point that people with Rosacea are now embarrassed to go out of the house.

Aside from this, the welts can be so inflamed to the point that it really hurts. There are times when people affected with Rosacea are driven to tears because of the pain brought about by the inflamed red welts on their skin. In order to address this, some people use special creams to alleviate the pain.

When it really gets worse, they take anti-inflammatory and painkillers to address the pain.

The nose can get pretty thick and hard

Another big problem that people who have Rosacea have to deal with is the fact that their nose can get pretty thick and hard. For other people who have no idea what it’s about, seeing a Rosacea affected person with a thick red nose is not a big deal.

What they fail to understand that the person with the red and thick nose is very self-conscious and in pain. Just the slight touch can reduce even a grown man to tears if he has a thick nose.

The thickening of the skin around the nose is one of the biggest causes of pain for a person with Rosacea. If given the choice, they would rather deal with the red welts rather than a thick red nose.

The formation of pimples as well as eye irritation

Rosacea also affects the body by developing pimples as well as eye irritation. This is the main reason why some people sometimes mistake Rosacea for acne.

Aside from this, the eyes can get irritated particularly if pimples and red welts form on the skin around the eyes. This results to a lot inconvenience because the body can have a hard time coping with these changes.

Because of these effects, people who are experiencing Rosacea symptoms should consult with a doctor right away. This will ensure that they are prescribed a symptom management program that will try to manage the effects of Rosacea.

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